Aluminum Conductor Composite Core(ACCC)

Application :
ACCC is designed to operate continuously at elevated temperatures and has excellent sag characteristics through out the operating range. ACCC is the right choice if reconductoring of the existing lines are required to enhance the transmission capacity. This conductor offers Very low line losses and excellent self-damping properties. Because of it’s high strength to weight ratio, ACCC can be used with long spans which brings down the cost of structures in new lines

Standards :
ACCC meet the general requirements of the international standards like ASTM , IEC -etc.

Construction :
ACCC (Aluminum Conductor Composite Core) is a concentrically stranded conductor with one or more layers of trapezoidal shaped hard drawn and annealed 1350-0 aluminum wires on a central core of light weight Carbon-Glass fiber composite. The ACCC Conductor uses a carbon fiber core that is 25% stronger and 60% lighter than a traditional steel core. This along with trapezoidal shaped aluminum strands help to increases the aluminum content in ACCC by over 28% without increasing the conductor’s overall diameter or weight.