/Galvanized Steel Wire Strand(GSW) ASTM A475/ BS 183

Application :
The galvanized steel wire strand is used for overhead ground lines or electrical power transmission lines. Stay wire or guy wire strands are produced for use with poles, towers, or any other form of guying.
Its low cost and ease of production makes galvanized steel wire ideal for mass produced corrosion resistant wire products,which is indispensable in industrial, agricultural.

Standards :
IEC61089, ASTM A475, ASTM A363, BS183

Construction :
Concentrically stranded Galvanized steel wire strand available in class “A”, “B” and “C” galvanizing, “A” being the least heavy and “C” being the most heavy. Manufactured without welds per ASTM A-363 or with welds per ASTM A-475. Strands are formed to remain substantially in place when severed.
Zinc-coated grade of steel strand wire /guy wire : Class A ,Class B and class C.