How to extinguish fire in power cables?

How to extinguish fire in power cables?

Power cable is one of the basic materials for transmitting electrical energy. 

It is widely used in economic production. In modern buildings, all kinds of wires and cables are becoming more and more complex, and the lines are longitudinally and densely packed, which brings great convenience to people. 

At the same time, cable fire accidents increase year by year, adding a lot of trouble to everyone. If the cable is on fire, what should we do? Next, Pearl EES Cable will introduce six fire extinguishing methods.


Cut off the power of the fire cable. If the cable is on fire and burning, the power supply should be cut off immediately for any reason. 

Then, according to the path and characteristics of the cable, check carefully to find out the fault point of the cable and organize personnel to extinguish the fire quickly.


Cutting off power to non-faulty cables in case of a fire in a cable trench. When the cable in the cable trench catches fire, if the cables laid side by side with the cable trench have an obvious possibility of catching fire, the power supply of these cables should be cut off. 

If the cables are arranged in layers, first cut off the power supply to the heating cables above the fire cables, then cut off the power supply to the cables side by side with the burnt cables, and finally cut off the power supply to the cables below the fire cables.


Close the fire door of the cable trench or block both ends of the cable trench. 

When the cable in the cable trench is on fire, to avoid air circulation, close the fire isolation door of the cable trench block both ends of the cable trench, and use the asphyxiation method to extinguish the fire.


Do a good job of personal protection when extinguishing the fire. Cable fires will produce a lot of smoke and toxic gases, firefighters should wear gas masks when fighting cable fires. 

To prevent personal electric shock in the rescue process, rescue personnel should also wear rubber gloves and insulated boots. 

If a phase of the high-voltage cable is found to be grounded, rescuers should pay attention to indoor distance from the fault point 4m range shall not enter, outdoor distance from the fault point 8m range shall not enter, to avoid the step voltage and contact voltage caused by personal injury. 

Rescue of the injured is not limited to this restriction, but protective measures should be taken.


Fire extinguishing equipment for extinguishing cable fires. 

To extinguish cable fire should use fire extinguishers, such as dry powder fire extinguishers, “1211” fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, etc.; dry sand or loess can also be used to cover; if the water to extinguish the fire, is best to use the water spray gun; if the fire is fierce, and can not be extinguished in other ways, after cutting off the power supply, can be injected into the cable trench water, water to seal the fault.


When fighting cable fire, it is strictly prohibited to directly contact the cable steel armor and move the cable by hand.

To prevent the risk of cable fire, we must often carry out regular line safety checks. On the wire, electrical equipment, etc., at least once a year ask the professionals for a comprehensive inspection, especially the joints part of that have used the line for a long time, found that the wire is aging, broken, has poor insulation and other insecurity, to repair and replace promptly, to ensure the safety of electricity. 

Finally, to remind you, when buying wire and cable must recognize formal manufacturers, check the quality, and do not because of the cheap price to buy non-qualified wire.

About Fire-Resistant Cables

Compared with other cables, fire-resistant cables have better fire performance. 

Under high-voltage working intensity, the power supply can last for several hours, and the temperature can reach nearly 1,000 degrees in a short period. 

Fireproof cable can be used at rated voltage intensity due to its excellent performance.

Fire-rated cables are made of highly conductive metals as conductors. Generally, this metal conductor has lower resistance, lower energy consumption, and higher voltage utilization. 

Fireproof cables are insulated with mineral insulation, which has a high ignition point and is safer to use. This type of cable is separated from the insulating sheath of the cable by inorganic minerals to avoid direct contact between the cable core and the cable sheath.

Fireproof cable is mainly fireproof because the minerals are inorganic, the cable itself will not cause a fire, not to mention the burning and burning, even if the burning will not produce toxic gases, even if there is an external flame burning, the cable can Still work normally and stably. 

There is no need to replace the cable after the fire is eliminated. It is a real fireproof cable to ensure the safe operation of the line.

What materials are fireproof cables made of?

The basic requirements of intermediate joints of fireproof cable: the intermediate joints and terminals of cable are the weak links of stable operation of the cable. 

Special attention should be paid to the selection and construction requirements. 

10kV below the structure of the intermediate joints and terminals are the same, mainly including the freezing of the line out of the connection and the size of the level of reinforcement, waterproof sealing, and mechanical protection of the four parts of the requirements of the cable core and the connecting tube connected to a good connection, the joints of the contact resistance of the joints is small and stable.

There should be to meet the cable long-term stability of the operation of the insulating structure should have a certain amount of margin. 

The metal shell in the middle of the joint is the key part of insulation protection, and at the same time, it plays the role of mechanical protection at the joint.

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