Submarine Cable HV

These submarine cables are used for power transmission to offshore islands, oil platforms or to
cross-rivers and lakes. Cable design based on the mayor national or international standards e.g.
VDE, IEC and ICEA or according to customers design and standards.

 Conductor: Copper conductor, water blocked.
 Conductor Screening: Extruded semi-conductive compound.
 Insulation: XLPE.
 Insulation Screening: extruded semi-conductive compound.
 Separator: Swelling tape.
 Core Sheath1: Lead Sheath.
 Core Sheath2: Semi-conductive PE sheath.
 Fillers: Polypropylene filler.
 Fibre-optic Element: Fibre optic cable.
 Bedding: Bedding layer.
 Armour: Galvanized steel wires filled with bitumen compound.
 Serving: Polypropylene yarn.