8000 Alumiunm Alloy Concentric Flat CABLE LV UL 854/ ASTM B800

Application :
The concentric cable is used in electric service entrance from the power distribution network to the meter pannel(especially where it is required to prevent electricity theft), and as feeder cable from the meter pannel to the distribution pannel.
This cable an be used in dry and wet places, outdoors or directly buried.It has a maximum operating temperature of 90ºC and rated voltage of 600V&below.


Standards :
ASTM, IEC, BS, DIN, CSA, NFC, and so on.

Construction :
1.Solid or stranded copper/aluminum conductor
2.Insulation with XLPE, PE, or PVC
3.For cables of two-phase or three-phase conductors, round or flat shape available
5.Concentric layer of helically layed copper/aluminum wires
6.Wrapping tape
7.Black XLPE, PE, or PVC jacket